Rejuvenate : Relive
Rejuvenate : Relive

SvaDham: inner pilgrimage




Turn the clock back, to when the Master Maker shook the ‘old’ and turned it ‘new’. While he reckoned it could be traumatic to the living creatures, he stood firm in his decision. Today we can equate the momentary lapses in the Maker’s clock to terrestrial time intervals of millions of years; in his few moments he swapped the old with the new, just like he swapped the earth’s inhabitants comprising dinosaurs with humans.

Scorched earth yielded to a tepid civilization of humans and beasts that lived initially assenting to the laws of the cosmos. Then came a time, we, the humans reigned the beasts, beat the under trodden and hurt the underprivileged. Unlike the dinosaurs which abided by natures laws, they thrived for many millions of years as the dominant set of species on earth. We reckon our days as a dominant species appear brisk in comparison, especially if continue to plunder and destroy the planet our Maker sent us.

While we think we are smarter, reality suggests otherwise.

Early Scriptures

Early scriptures spoke of fire as the beginning and the end. Any beginning, life’s passage, a journey, a quest, or even a new beginning gets lit with fire and ends with one. Our forebears added such aphorisms to the ancient Rig Veda, many Egyptian papyri, within Biblical reference the concept of ‘ashes to ashes’. Yes, fire became the prime mover - physical and metaphorical.

Fire is an outpouring of energy. Uninhibited is the fire. Unless other forces step in, such as water and wind, fire can damage. These three primeval energies in harmony remains a perfect ecosystem to harbor life. The secretion of bile, the puffing of a gene, the longing for external love exhibit nothing short of a sudden burst of energy. An unmonitored fire comes from some such ignition, a kindling or a rekindling and ends once its goals are done. This body, born of fire will succumb to it. The terrestrial knowledge, the mind acquires in the short sixty to seventy years. However, the natural, cosmic knowledge gained not by evolution, but involution remains unburnt in the flames of the sacrifice. Firm are such laws; they belong to another dimension – to the perpetuity of universal Karma. The individual Karmic laws, to which we are subject, running parallel to the universal Karma stream, but on an existential plane, have a definite beginning and end. Fiery principles blaze its trail. Where and how they begin, and end - we cannot fathom by logic alone. Such answers come from introspection. Eventually, the cosmic-karmic flow enjoins the individual karmic-cosmic achievements and adds the experience to its steady stream.

SvaDham Portal

This body, this burnt earth, this borrowed patch of land, we call home can only last its destined duration set by the spirit of time. Beyond the four directions that comprise our limited vision, the ancient scriptures spoke of dwellings, which we call SvaDham. Many enlightened people experienced the dwelling beyond, but mere words cannot express their ecstasy. A human playbook explains a terrestrial strategy, plan, execution, and benefits. A cosmic playbook explains the cosmic plan and rewards. Our senses cannot perceive, but we can have a glimpse of such through the proposed SvaDham portal. Plus, we can contribute to it.

Our Maker designed us to evolve, as Darwin would say. Perhaps, in a decade we may become a cohost to the Corona Virus. Our genetic makeup, a large graveyard of other such viral signatures will become enriched with yet another Corona strain. A mere fire started the virus’ passage, it grew to an inferno affecting other creatures, and in the end, will remain a fire only.

Evolution promises no involution.


In evolving, millions of lives of creatures, trillions of lives of microbes get destroyed. Newer, resilient strains evolve, and they are passed into the future, leaving no room in the genetic material for any resources that helps us become closer to cosmic nature.

The cosmic law study found in many scriptures ended couple of thousand years back. The gods, angels and prophets left the planet rapidly. The inhabitants turned those texts into gory rituals and practices that carried no semblance to the actual study. As humans evolved into ‘smarter’ creatures, the real knowledge took a backseat and gave into greed, cruelty, torture, politics, racism, and war. What we lost, SvaDham intends to pick the threads and through collective study and practice arrive at the true balance of spirit, body, and mind.

SvaDham Facilities

SvaDham proposes two identical physical locations, one in upstate New York and another in a similar high energy place in India or Bali. In its design, an aerial view of the land will suggest the shape of a conch. Powerful gods and men blew the conch to send messages to earth and the cosmic land. The conch internally resembles a spiral, a multi-dimensional path of rising to meet the cosmic circle. The conch is an instrument to convert the energy of wind into ethereal sound. The conch like boundary will have a simple square structure building. Square represents the four corners, the four directions that encompass the physical universe. Within the square will be a kitchen, bathrooms, dining section, four breakout rooms, library, rest areas and a lobby. A chimney rising from the walls of the study room will house the fireplace. The conch shaped surrounding will run a brook through it, fusing the three primeval forces of fire, wind, and water in its fold.

SvaDham is outside the influence of any religion. It harbors no faith. The two proposed centers will remain a bedrock of cosmic understandings through the powers of involution and mind energy.

SvaDham Not For Profit

For creatures who have evolved, religion and spirituality have no roles. To be kind to humanity, and to all creatures is fundamental; to be purposeful to the cosmic system is the goal of SvaDham. The scriptural fragmented interpretations, once lost, must emerge from isolation to a system of knowledge. ChainBelow Inc, www.chainbelow.org, a not-for-profit 501-c organization in the US will run SvaDham’s educational and technology pursuits, collect donations and offer memberships. A similar organization shall run the center in India.

Life in SvaDham will start as Weekend pursuits initially. SvaDham will expand the sessions into daily routines as more people are trained.


For every session

  • The teacher or a designated person will light the fire and blow a conch
  • People meet and greet for half hour in the community hall. The SvaDham staff will serve light breakfast, coffee, tea, juices in the dining section only.
  • Attendees walk and stretch for half hour within the facility. SvaDham encourages light conversations, gently touching the flora and fauna and absorbing the energy.
  • The teacher along with attendees will study the scriptures for two hours. As the course matures, SvaDham team will replace the scriptures with course materials. Initially, the studies will include every ancient scripture. Indic, Egyptian, Zoroastrians’, Greek, Ionian, Mesopotamian, Ancient Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans, Aboriginal, Mayan, Incan to fathom how they dealt with Cosmic Energy.
  • SvaDham staff will serve lunch will in the dining section only. Attendees are discouraged from taking food or juices to other sections, except to designated picnic areas. SvaDham team encourages proper waste disposal.
  • Time to rest and relax for one hour.
  • Resume the studies and lectures
  • Tea and snacks served in designated areas.
  • The teacher or a designated person douses the fire. Facilities like the lobby, library, main hall, bathrooms, and dining area remain open. Coffee and snacks are available as self-service.