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While homeopathy can scarcely compare in antiquity with Chinese or Indian medicine, it is the longest established CAM (complementary alternate medicine) from Europe. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) founded the principles as he grew up in Meissen in Germany, received his medical degree in Erlangen in 1779, and died a millionaire in Paris in 1843. Homeopathy is strangely an exact science. Our adverse reactions to the macro universe are curable by similar actions in the micro universe. To understand the true principles of Homeopathy is beyond the offerings of this Web App. However, the concept of like cured by likes is a principle used in modern vaccinations. Homeopathy is an exact science of symptomatic determination of disease. Incorrect symptoms or hastily arrived decisions can often result in incorrect diagnosis and medication, which has earned Homeopathy a bad name. Sometimes, it is impossible to go through the many iterations of symptomatic ailments. A stomach disorder is what we think of as the predominant symptom, but is it gastric, is it bilious, is it acidic are important symptom related questions. While we try to help you narrow down the symptoms precisely, we still encourage you to read the materia medica before selecting a Homeopathic medicine and dose. Most treatments begin with trial and error. In homeopathy or Chinese or Indian medicine, such prognosis comes as no surprise.

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