Rejuvenate : Relive
Rejuvenate : Relive

Arise, O' Human

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Our resorts are in a class by themselves. The ambiance in the resorts tame the fragmented mind immediately. Whether you plan to visit on weeknights, stay for 3 days, 7 days or a rigorous 21 days session, you return home a changed person. Our daily sessions include

Everyday Sunrise activities

Noon activities, rest and rejuvenate

Sunset activities. Lunch served at noon is light but wholesome, dinner at sunset is sumptuous


We run a complete, in-house travel system that offers exclusive private and group travel.

Complete Reservations, including search for best offers


Guaranteed White glove treatment

We strictly adhere to our policy of 'attention to detail'. Your concerns: allergies, pets, privacy, seclusion are treated as priority by our staff


If you are open to it, you can meet the community online for


Preferences, Q and A

What to expect



Calendar of Events

Healing: You are here to heal. We are there to help. It could not get any better.

Our mission

Release Notes

9/26/12 Added release notes

9/26/12 Added multiple search options for Homeopathy

10/3/21 Added ayurveda section

10/15/21 Added ayurveda search, symptoms and treatment


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